“National government in the cloud?”

"Head in de cloud, feet on the ground!"

On April 18, 2019, Strategic Vendor Management Microsoft organized the meeting “National government in the cloud?”

During “National government in the cloud?” we spoke with Diederik van Leeuwen, the CIO Rijk a.i. With Diederik we discussed the limited possibilities that are now available for organizations within the central government to make use of cloud services.

Diederik has indicated that he will start with a national vision on cloud use. In the meantime, organizations can, limited and well-considered, experiment with the use of cloud.

Three major cloud providers then presented themselves to the approximately 120 attendees. They were asked to align their presentation with the i-Strategy of the central government and to pay sufficient attention to security and privacy. They have also been asked to tell a few things about the changes that you need to make within your organization in order to make optimum use of the functionality and convenience that cloud offers. Google Cloud, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services presented themselves successively.

It became clear that ‘the cloud’ has a lot to offer. Ranging from hosting applications that now run on VMWare in its own data centers to machine and deep learning.

The cloud also offers many opportunities for the development and implementation of new solutions to business issues. These options would be faster, cheaper and easier to scale than the more traditional methods that are currently used.

Before the end of the meeting, it was checked how those present viewed the cloud and its use by the government.


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