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Strategic Vendor Management Microsoft for the Dutch government

Strategic Vendor Management Microsoft (SVM) is one of the five SVM teams set up within the Dutch government in the field of information provision and is accommodated by the Ministry of Justice and Security. Maintaining and improving the relationship with Microsoft are central. The aim is to create added value for various government departments and to reduce costs by better organizing the demand from the government. Attention is paid to topics such as “using Microsoft products securely and within the framework of privacy legislation and regulations”, as well as orientation on cloud services other than Microsoft.

How does SVM help you

SVM is responsible for the government-wide agreement between the government and Microsoft.

Maintaining the government-wide agreement with Microsoft

SVM has entered into a government-wide agreement with Microsoft: the Microsoft Business and Services Agreement.

The conditions specifically agreed for the governement are laid down in this agreement.

Advising on the selection and purchase of products & services

If you need new products or services from Microsoft or if your current agreement needs to be renewed, SVM will be happy to help you select the right product licenses.

Limit privacy risks

SVM has Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) performed on various Microsoft products.

The risks identified herein are discussed with Microsoft and removed or reduced through product changes and agreements (included in the MBSA).

The DPIAs form a good basis for the DPIA that you must carry out as a controller as part off your own responsibility.

Organizing information meetings

SVM regularly organizes information meetings.

During these meetings, for example, the results of the DPIAs carried out are shared and information is provided about new products and services from Microsoft but also from other hyperscalers.

Yes, keep me informed!

Keep me informed!

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The Dutch SVM team

Paul van den Berg

Strategic Vendor Manager

Rob Herkemij

Legal counsel

Frederik Westbroek

Legal counsel

Wouter de Gooijer

Licensing specialist

Henrique Barnard

Secretary SVM Microsoft 

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